Connecting computers is difficult, expensive, and essential (how to get your computers networked for free)

The ability to put systems in place to communicate and share information is exactly what helps companies grow. The inability to put systems in place causes aggravation and chokes the true growth rate of any business.

The need to share information means computers have to be connected to each other (networked). Networking is complicated and expensive.

As simple as it may seem, getting computers to talk to one another properly is no easy task. It requires computer networking skills and ongoing maintenance to keep everything running. It may even require specialized computer hardware.

It gets more complicated if computers are in different locations (outside an office). Connecting them together and backing up information (data) is a whole new ball game.

Large companies have whole departments that do nothing but keep computer networks running - they get paid a serious amount of money. The cost to keep a computer network up and running can range from $1,000 to $5,000 and more per computer per year.

The internet is the worlds largest computer network. It is also the least expensive to join and the easiest to plug into. That means web based construction software systems have a natural advantage.

Facts about BuildITs web based system...

Geeks aren't contractors, contractors aren't computer geeks...

Why most construction software is such a pain (and how to avoid it)...

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The mobile construction office: coming soon to your area

(Hey, this was first published back in 2007... we've come a long way baby!!)

In the not too distant future, it will be more common than not for contractors to access all Job information while on the road, in the vehicle, and at job sites. Truly mobile construction offices are just around the corner.

What will make mobile access a reality? Web based software and high-speed wireless Internet access.

BuildIT's web-based construction software system is ready to take advantage of high-speed wireless Internet access.

Sign up for a high-speed wireless connection (most likely from your cell phone provider) and you'll be fully mobile.

Low speed wireless is already here. It has met with limited success because coverage can be patchy and slow. However, speeds 4x that of low speed wireless are now available in select areas contact the wireless provider in your area for more information (most likely the same as your cell phone provider).

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Geeks aren't contractors, contractors aren't computer geeks

Few in contracting have a background or interest in computers. People usually start out doing hands-on work then move up in a company or move on to become contractors themselves.

For most people in construction, it's tough to even know what questions to ask when looking to buy software. Learn more about different kinds of software and what to consider when buying...

On top of software there are computers to buy, setup, network, and maintain. Plus there's software to instal, upgrade, learn, and backups to do. Learn why BuildIT's construction software is different...

Identifying what you want (and need) your system to do can feel like swimming in a blender. It means knowing what software is available as well as understanding its capabilities. Learn what construction processes can be systematized using BuildIT...

Search the web and you'll find hundreds of software packages, they all do different things, in different ways, with prices all over the map. Each claims to be the ideal solution. Learn more about the different kinds of construction software...

Just look at the kinds of problems people in construction face day-in-day-out. They don't need any more headaches. More on killer problems faced by contracting businesses (and how you can reduce and eliminate them)...

It's a lot of work to buy, install, and keep a software system up and running. It's a lot less work with web based construction software...

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