Get things done... better and faster, with BuildIT

In a nutshell, here's what you can do with BuildIT:

  • schedule - use templates to schedule work in seconds (unique to the way you work).
  • organize - all information tied to Job names and easily searchable.
  • communicate - e-mail, fax, text message, and share files thru the web.
  • simplify - secure web access to all information.
  • streamline - enter information once.
  • manage - securely store and access files - estimates, proposals, contracts, specs, drawings, photos, and more.
  • accelerate - use templates to generate and send all kinds of documents lightening fast.
  • grow - expand your business, add users at anytime.
  • sell - more business.

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    The critical differences between contracting and other businesses

    Most businesses outside contracting operate:

    • from the same physical location(s)
    • with the same people group of people on an ongoing basis
    • on a transaction by transaction basis (not job by job / project by project basis)

    This makes it easier for people that work in regular businesses to:

    • better know the work habits of their co-workers
    • access all kinds of business information
    • have closer supervision
    • learn to use computers
    • catch mistakes before they happen
    • get and stay organized

    None of these apply to contracting. It's a different world.

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     Scott Hutchinson
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    The advantages of tapping into proven business systems for contractors

    The profitability of every job depends on your ability to manage, organize, schedule, and communicate a wide variety of information - so does the success of any contracting business.

    Chances are, you use tools by DeWalt, Milwaukee, Stanley, Porter Cable, Makita, and others. These physical tools help get the job done. Quality tools can still produce poor work in the hands of someone who doesn't know how to use them. It takes time to learn to use them properly.

    Construction software systems are a new kind of tool that help get the job done. They're power tools that help manage, organize, schedule, and communicate information - and do it all efficiently, predictably, and reliably - which is what good business tools (systems) are supposed to do.

    Just like any tool, it takes some time to learn to use construction software properly.

    With BuildIT's user-friendly construction software system you can:

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