The problems with developing systems for your contracting business (and how to avoid them)

It takes a ton of work to develop systems for any business.

You need to:

  • think through and understand your businesses processes (what to systematize)
  • identify all the things that could/should be improved
  • develop systems to manage, organize, schedule, and communicate
  • test and improve the systems over time
  • employees need to be trained (more time and money)

This adds up to a pile of time, effort, and expense on top of what you already do.

No wonder so many contractors haven't systematized their businesses (even though they may have wanted to).

Developing your own business systems from scratch is a waste of your time. It would be like developing your own power tools. Why bother when it's been done for you?

The best and fastest way to systematize any business is to tap into an existing system - one that's tested, proven, and works.

Then all you do is learn to use it.

BuildIT Systems gives contractors, construction businesses, and the people they work with a fast reliable way to tap into proven business systems. Learn more...

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Contracting business systems are a waste of time, money, and effort when...

Contracting business systems are a waste of time, money, and effort when...

  • people don't want to change (they are attached doing things the way they've always done them)
  • people are attached to the belief that only they can "get the job done"
  • people refuse to write things down
  • businesses already have good systems in place and things are running smoothly

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BuildIT Software Update - power faxing and more (Mar 2007)

Dear BuildIT User,

New features just added:

1. BuildIT goes international

Country, State/Province, Cellular Carriers and more have been regionalized to better suit local and international users. Maps, weather, postal, yellow pages, white pages, etc. for users in more countries. Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the "helpers" in the system.

2. Power faxing

Tried faxing lately straight from your BuildIT account? It's fast. It's easy. There's no need to print out anything. No looking up fax numbers. No waiting for faxes to go thru. Send faxes to one or more people in seconds. You can even fax MS Word documents, PDF's, and more.

3. New help videos We've added a few new videos recently to help you get even more value from the system:

  • Creating a schedule template
  • Creating custom contact fields
  • Creating custom job types

  • New features in the coming months:

    1. Cell phone reminders

    Your cell phone will automatically be able to remind you of appointments in your BuildIT calendar … and let you know if you have new email … or faxes.

    2. New task editor

    Faster with more features. Calculate true "working days" and inputs to store custom information such as estimated price, actual price, estimated hours, actual hours, etc.

    3. Enhanced information sharing

    Share almost any kind of information in your account with people in your contact list. You choose who can see what. Now you will be able to share documents, drawings, or files with customers and other files with suppliers, vendors or subcontractors.

    4. Powerful new file storage and access

    Search and see any or all of your files in one location, including email attachments, fax attachments, and job files. Files can be tracked by version. Send a link to your contact so they can view a file ... easier and more efficient than emailng a file attachment. Plus you can track who sees what and when.

    Best regards,

    The BuildIT Team
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