And the good news is...

Nice to hear there is good news for a change.

But first the bad news.

And you don't have to go far to look for it: you're hearing it every day.

Currently, things are not looking too hot for the construction industry. Housing starts and property valuations are down big time. Inventories are piling up. And clients are having challenges getting credit to pay for the product you offer.

Here's the kicker - BuildIT is achieving record revenues this fall (read: good news for us, yours is coming). What gives!?

Our theory is this: in boom times, contractors can make great profits, and many times, by accident. They're so busy, you'll often hear them say "I don't have time for this or that" - like investing in their business, tools, improving business processes etc. You've seen some of your old competitors operate this way and wondered how they stayed in business.

So where are they today!? They're either making some serious adjustments to their business plans, or they're history.

The ones that are left standing in an economic downturn realize that there is still business to be had. However, it takes more effort (or "cleverness" as Peter Pan would say) to close, and more attention to details in order to maximize profits on a reduced volume of projects.

And that's where efficiency tools like BuildIT come in. We come along side you and help get your business organized, your schedules buttoned up, and your communications systems tweaked so a) fewer costly mistakes are made, b) you're better organized to secure higher profits on those jobs that do come your way, and c) you have something to offer your clients your competitors don't. 

Ah, that would be the good news for you !!

Surprisingly (perhaps not!), most of our customers are going strong, have a respectable number of jobs on the go, and are making BuildIT a big part of their success equation.

We invite you to see what it is they have their hands on, and where the win may be for you.

Just like in franchises, "systems are the secret". Those that take the advice of business gurus like Michael Gerber in his best seller "E-Myth" will go from "working in their businesses" to "working on their businesses" - and there's a big difference... especially in the results down the road. We would encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and do your business a favor.

No one has a crystal ball, but if history is an indicator, we'll ride out this business cycle and be that much stronger when the tide turns. In the meantime, let us be your partner in profit - let's get to work and get the job done... better than before.

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1

Need a schedule fast?

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And for those that have been on board with BuildIT for a while, their "ounce of prevention" is their monthly subscription to our service, allowing them to be more organized, more in control of their schedules, and better able to communicate changes and share critical information with those they do business with.

But what about those folks looking for a quick fix to their immediate problem (ah, that would be "cure") - well, we're here for you too.

You've come looking for a schedule, a "construction timeline", to satisfy someone (an owner, the engineer, the bank, city official) and you don't have time to sit in class and learn some complicated, bloated construction software package with big bad software manuals. As a matter of fact, you're probably thinking that even though BuildIT seems pretty simple based on your quick look as you run through your free test drive, you fear that it may take more time than you have to solve your problem.

Relax. The answer is simple:

Get us to do the work for you.

That's right.

We'll take the information from wherever it happens to be - in your head, a faxed preliminary schedule, some tasks listed on an Excel spreadsheet, or chicken scratch on a piece of paper - and get you started with a schedule. In fact, we may even finish it together depending on what you bring to the table and how "fleshed out" your existing information is.

In minutes, you'll see the schedule right on your computer screen display, while we're talking.

If you need it printed off, in colour, we can help with that too, creating a PDF that you can print, or email, to those that are breathing down your neck waiting for it.

So here's the deal if you just need a schedule, fast - and you're not sure if you're going to stick around to become a BuildIT phenom.

Just tell us you want a schedule, period.

Our "Quick Schedule Turnaround Package" includes:

>> BuildIT access for 1 month (1 user account)

>> Setup and configuration of your BuildIT account

>> Our expertise to help you create, and complete, a schedule

You'll then be placed on our monthly subscription program until you decide you are no longer getting value from the service.

Wow, that's better than the deal your getting on your cell phone!

So, make that call and let's get that schedule started. We guarantee we'll solve your scheduling issues ... and if not, we'll put on our sad face, and refund your subscription.

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1

Picture of Pain

Need I say more?

Talked to a customer the other day paying over $5.40 a gallon (for you Canadians, just take your price per litre and multiply by 4, you'll get the idea). It's the price you pay to get your rig to the jobsite. It's part of your costs of doing business. And those costs are only increasing, with no end or relief in sight.

So what does this have to do with BuildIT?


The vision of BuildIT from Day 1 was the idea of a mobile office. Giving construction professionals access to their business information, scheduling, and communications "grand central" from their truck, the jobsite, or wherever they happen to be.

Take a trip to the local buider supply yard to meet with the salesperson there, or a trip back to the office to pick up some paperwork... multiply these needless trips by x $$ that it costs you in time, lost productivity, gas/diesel, extra miles on your lease - and you've bought a subscription to BuildIT many times over (and that's just the first month!)

Construction folks are looking for ways to save, now more than ever. And time is money, no matter how you slice it.

BuildIT saves you time, by giving you your office at your fingertips. Make timely decisions on your job scheduling right from the site, send out instructions to your subs and vendors by email/text msg or web fax, and keep track of all those slippery items from one central location. Take care of matters as they happen, avoid the costly screw-ups that happen because you waited too long, and didn't get the right information to the right person at the right time.

There is a big difference between now, and "right now" – having a web based system on your side allows you to take care of things "right now", so you don't waste time and money dealing with them "later", when you're back at the office, or back home. Imagine what you'll accomplish in the same amount of time?

Not to mention the fewer gallons you'll be burning doing things the way your competition does!

BuildIT retails for $85 per month – put that in your tank and see how far you'll go in a week. It's a no brainer – with your savings, you'll have more $$ to fill up the boat or ATV's on the weekend.

Try BuildIT for a month, and if you're not satisfied, I'll give you your $85 back and you can go "fill 'er up".

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1