Our famous "you can boot our butts out the door anytime" guarantee

We appreciate your trust and want to earn your lifelong business however, if you decide at any time that this system is not helping you run your business better, then:

  • If you are not totally satisfied within the first 30 days, let us know, and we'll refund your entire purchase (reluctantly, but we'll do it).
  • If you pay monthly, you can cancel at anytime, no penalties, no hard feelings (but we hope you feel guilty because we tried really hard to make sure you were satisified).
  • If you signed up for a year or more, then you received a hefty discount because we were planning for you to be around for a while (we were counting on it). Longer term contracts help us plan so we have the capacity to serve your account. So no refunds are offered on long term plans but you can give away, transfer, or even sell the unused portion of your term.
  • Whatever your reason, if you leave, you'll miss out on our slightly twisted sense of humor and all the new features that keep getting added to the system.

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The kinds of people and business that use BuildIT

Our good looking customers include:

  • business owners
  • office managers
  • schedulers
  • estimators
  • site supervisors
  • other positions that need to manage, organize, and communicate information

Our customers work for sharp companies including:

  • general contractors
  • high volume trades
  • low volume trades
  • home builders
  • renovators
  • designers
  • developers
  • instalation professionals
  • service professionals

Our users range from one person businesses to companies with dozens of users and many millions in revenue.

Facts about BuildITs web based system...

How BuildIT can help your contracting business grow...

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Learn about our famous 'you can boot our butts out the door anytime' guarantee...

 Scott Hutchinson
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Facts about BuildITs web based system

BuildITs web based software has been accessed and tested by thousands of people, using thousands of computers, from thousands of different locations. It is tried, true, and tested.

Users have had 99.985% up time the last three years straight.

If there are any issues in our professionally managed hosting facility (where our servers are located), a message will be posted at www.builditsystems.net to alert users when they login.

BuildIT servers and web based construction software is:

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The kinds of people and business that use BuildIT...

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Learn about our famous 'you can boot our butts out the door anytime' guarantee...

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1