Picture of Pain

Need I say more?

Talked to a customer the other day paying over $5.40 a gallon (for you Canadians, just take your price per litre and multiply by 4, you'll get the idea). It's the price you pay to get your rig to the jobsite. It's part of your costs of doing business. And those costs are only increasing, with no end or relief in sight.

So what does this have to do with BuildIT?


The vision of BuildIT from Day 1 was the idea of a mobile office. Giving construction professionals access to their business information, scheduling, and communications "grand central" from their truck, the jobsite, or wherever they happen to be.

Take a trip to the local buider supply yard to meet with the salesperson there, or a trip back to the office to pick up some paperwork... multiply these needless trips by x $$ that it costs you in time, lost productivity, gas/diesel, extra miles on your lease - and you've bought a subscription to BuildIT many times over (and that's just the first month!)

Construction folks are looking for ways to save, now more than ever. And time is money, no matter how you slice it.

BuildIT saves you time, by giving you your office at your fingertips. Make timely decisions on your job scheduling right from the site, send out instructions to your subs and vendors by email/text msg or web fax, and keep track of all those slippery items from one central location. Take care of matters as they happen, avoid the costly screw-ups that happen because you waited too long, and didn't get the right information to the right person at the right time.

There is a big difference between now, and "right now" – having a web based system on your side allows you to take care of things "right now", so you don't waste time and money dealing with them "later", when you're back at the office, or back home. Imagine what you'll accomplish in the same amount of time?

Not to mention the fewer gallons you'll be burning doing things the way your competition does!

BuildIT retails for $85 per month – put that in your tank and see how far you'll go in a week. It's a no brainer – with your savings, you'll have more $$ to fill up the boat or ATV's on the weekend.

Try BuildIT for a month, and if you're not satisfied, I'll give you your $85 back and you can go "fill 'er up".

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1

Green / Carbon Neutral / Environmentally Friendly BuildIT (whatever)

OK, time for us to jump on this bandwagon.

Even my kids are taking about the environment, polar bears on the endangered species list, and the Toyota Prius.

So where does BuildIT factor into all this?

Consider that:

  1. We are web based - no software to install, therefore no diskettes or CD's, boxes, packaging, printed manuals (that nobody reads anyways), shipping to your door by UPS. That'll make Al Gore happy.
  2. Our product is "information" (code; ones and zeros) put together in a way that gives you what you need most, when you need it. So, there is no offgassing, harmful emissions, ozone or rainforest depletion caused by our progress (although we have been known to "burn the midnight oil" occasionally).
  3. Our prinicpals and contractors work together as a virtual team, so none of us clog up the arteries at rush hour - we put all our time and effort into making BuildIT better for you.
  4. BuildIT by virtue of being web based, allows our customers to access their accounts from virtually anywhere, saving them needless trips to the office, or contractor supply yard. They get done more in less time, and burn less fuel in their trucks.
  5. We have geothermal companies that use or have invested in BuildIT - geothermal is all the rage now... get the heat from the earth in the winter, take it out of your home in the summer. They're obviously on to something, and so are we.
  6. When our customers use the system to share information, like files and schedules, there is less reliance on the old fashioned paper chase, copying of blueprints, snail mail, etc. We may never become totally "paperless", but we sure can reduce in that area, and save a tree at the same time.

OK, it may be a stretch, but as a customer, you can attest to the above "green advantages" and feel good about your subscription to BuildIT, not to mention the outstanding return on investment you'll realize.

Just to see if you're reading this, prove to me that you own either an energy efficient heating system (geothermal, solar) or hybrid automobile and I'll give you your first month subscription free, an $85 value - just tell me you want the "BuildIT Green discount".

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1

Using the right email system for construction, before it's too late!

If you're a construction professional, and you're using Outlook for email, this article is for you, big time. 

I admit it. I was an Outlook user ("was" being the operative word). 

Then it happened.

I won the "bad sector on hard drive" lottery, and my Outlook email file was gone forever, along with a few critical files on my hard drive. Essentially my hard drive packed it in, and I lost all my personal email.

Bummer. I was ticked. Like the girl in the photo (BTW, she's not related to me, and she doesn't work for BuildIT).

For you non techies, a hard drive is that part of your computer that stores your files, the stuff you create with applications like Word, Excel... important documents, contracts, photos, templates that you've spent hours creating. Over time, the magnetic surface of a hard drive can deteriorate, wreaking havoc for those like me who use computers as a tool only, and aren't at home "under the hood" doing surgery on our own PC's.

The computer fix-it guys told me it happens all the time. People come in to their store desperate to retrieve their files off a broken computer. People in tears, like the lady who lost all her wedding photos, a problem some us that grew up with a 35mm camera and bulky photo albums never had to deal with. They said it's best to just get a new hard drive and start all over again.

For those who are fortunate to have some or all of their data retrievable, that process can take hours... and it comes at a cost. Depending on the severity, data recovery can be in the $1000's for some individuals/companies.

Now for the good news - since I work for BuildIT, I have my own BuildIT account, with email and file storage. All my email, contacts, and files that I had uploaded over the years to the system were safe, accessible, ready and waiting for me. This whole event just further reinforced my opinion of web based systems - they are, as Gretzky said, "where the puck is going". They're the smart choice for construction professionals who want to sleep easier at night, not having to worry about doing data backups or hard drives crashing.

Just imagine if you are one of the lucky ones who is on board with BuildIT. You're computer crashes, falls off the hood of your truck, or worse yet, gets stolen. What do you do? Just jump on to another computer, log on to BuildIT and you're back in biz... literally, within minutes. 

Now, what's that worth to you? I'd say that's worth the price of admission right there. So if you're checking out construction software, and they're offering you a "download" or a box with some disks in it, well, I hope you have a good back up plan in place. Otherwise, take door number 2 and give BuildIT a shot at solving your problems.

Want to learn more about the advantages of web based systems for construction? Click here.

Or give me a call, and I'll share some more tales from the front lines, and what you can do to avoid the pain.

 Scott Hutchinson
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