BuildIT Software Update - version 4.5 more user preferences (Sept 2008)

Job Picker Enhancement

The yellow job picklist in the top left of the screen shows your most recent job list for quick access. There is also a «more jobs...» link that brings up a "job picker".

We've added the ability to bring up a single job, or list of jobs, based on key dates that are attributed to a job (such as create date, projected start date, actual start date, projected completion date, actual completion date). 

So, if you have dozens of jobs, and your looking to find a particular job, or jobs, done in the past, you can search based on key dates. 



New User Preferences

When you log in to your BuildIT account, you are greeted to the same application used by all our customers.

But not all customers are created equal. Each has different needs, priorities, and, well, "preferences".  

So we make it easy for you to "configure" BuildIT to suit your business, your tastes, and to speed up your user experience, so you spend less time in BuildIT, and more time building your business.

Configuration - changing your "user preferences" on each and every screen. Some preferences are for individual user accounts, while others are company wide.  

1. Working days default - not everyone works Monday thru Friday. Not surprisingly, in busy times, we see customers scheduling 6 days per week, or even 7 for those doing maintenance work, where working on the weekends in a must. In setup>company preferences, you can set the working days default for your company. The system will still span over statutory holidays.   

2. Dashboard sort order of jobs - for those of you that have many jobs, and you want to see the tasks on those jobs AND display the jobs in a particular order, that option is now available. In your dashboard preferences, you can select the date in which you want jobs to be sorted (create date, projected start date, actual start date, etc.). This view is available by:

  • clicking on your "dashboard" tab
  • ensuring your "view:" in the top left is "today" or greater
  • selecting ALL JOBS in your yellow job picklist in the top left

BuildIT continues to evolve. This is your BuildIT. This is your system - your input helps drive development. Looking forward to hearing from you.

The BuildIT Team
1 866 585 5050 x1





BuildIT Software Update - version 4.4 mega file sharing release (May 2008)

Getting the right information to the right person at the right time.

It's one of BuildIT's maxims. And it just got reinforced with some awesome new code.

File Sharing Made Easy

Files – Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF's, drawings, photos, scanned images, whatever you have!

Every job has them. And the challenge often is making sure all the right parties get the right information they need.

Welcome to BuildIT's enhanced file sharing system. Now, you can actually 1) add files to tasks, and 2) share those files with anyone in your contact database via the free Contact Schedule for that contact.

Here's what you do:

  1. In the schedule for a job, add one or more files to a task (from the "do this" menu) or the paperclip on the task.
  2. Assign that task (if you haven't already) to someone in your contact database (client, sub trade, vendor, supplier, your mother-in-law, it doesn't matter).
  3. Send that contact a link to their Contact Schedule (we've made that easy too, just click the square Contact Schedule button next to the contact's name, and follow the instructions at the top of the page).

Your contact will see their schedule, and any associated files for individual tasks. They'll be able to view, print and save attachments. We built this in such a way as to protect your files - they can't delete them, or post updated files. That's your job. And if the file changes at your end, they'll see the latest version at their end.

File Sharing Links

Emailing attachments is pretty standard, but no doubt you've been burnt before making sure everyone got the email... and realizing for whatever reason that the email never went through. Perhaps the attachment was too large, and your recipient's email program just crapped out. Who knows, could be gremlins in the system. Could be that you just forgot to add them!

Here's a great option if you just want to send an email to a contact, and have them download big files right off our server - simply email them one or more "file sharing links".

Select one or more files, then from the "do this" menu, create a "sharing links" email. The system instantly creates an email links to the files. No more babysitting email attachments hoping your recipient got the message.

We've seen the competition charging many $1,000's for file sharing services, especially to the AEC industry. The playing field has changed, and you get the same advantages for a fraction of the cost.

More good stuff to come on file sharing.

The BuildIT Team
1 866 585 5050 x1





BuildIT Software Update - version 4.3 now at your service (Apr 2008)

Dear BuildIT User,

Like a fine Napa Valley wine, BuildIT keeps getting better with age. This latest upgrade focuses on 2 main areas - your contacts, and ease of use. 

Improvements to Contact Management

Let's face it - people do business with people, so your people (contacts) are the most important resource you have. Communication issues are undoubtedly the big profit killer in most construction businesses. Our new features will help you better manage communications with key people on the job - and that's a good thing.

Log on and click the "contacts" tab. In the left margin menu you'll see which contacts are "job specific".

Did you know that with the BuildIT's "contact management" system you can do the following:

  • Send one piece of communication to every key person associated with the job (via email, fax, or cellular text message).
  • Remind all your sub-trades of a change to the schedule.
  • Email attachments (or better yet, "sharing links" for large files) to a select group of contacts.
  • Keep track of "who's who in the zoo" for every job that you do.
  • Easily send out text messages without getting thumb cramps trying to key into a super small cell phone key pad (leave that for the tweenies).
  • Share schedules for free with any contact in your database... use "Contact Schedules" to keep key folks in the loop with the tasks you have assigned to them.

Oh, and our development team wanted to add that some major "under the hood" tweaking and code re-writing was done to shave off time off page refresh rates (in this micro-wave fast food age, we know that time is money, and every fraction of a second counts !!).

Changes to the Gooee (uh, that would be GUI*)

What do most folks look for when they come to BuildIT?


So we made it painfully obvious what to press when you want to see your "schedule". Ah, that would be the "schedule" tab. And next to that would be the "calendar" tab where you would expect to see your appointments. We also made the job picklist in the top left yellow to make it stand out.

We changed the "do it" drop down menu in the top right to "do this", and we made it look more like a button. We even highlighted it yellow. It's an important control - and some new folks were just missing it. 

We've also consolidated all help to one button. Click on "help" in the top right, and you'll be greeted by a tabbed page, allowing you to get the help you need fast.

(*GUI = Graphical User Interface, in case you really wanted to know!)



Additional Enhancements

We've made text boxes accept more information, updated the job contact responsibilities dialog, allowed you to expand the workspace and hide the left margin menu in many screens... all based on user feedback of course.

Keep those suggestions flowing. Help us help you, and we both win. 

The BuildIT Team
1 866 585 5050 x1