BuildIT Software Update – version 4.2 now online (Feb 2008)

Dear BuildIT User,

We are pleased to announce our latest update to the system - driven by your requests and suggestions.

Contact Schedules

Contact Schedules are a free and powerful service you can offer to anyone in your contact database:

Design Professionals
Other Employees

Contact Schedules give your contacts a real time view into the schedule, where they will see only those tasks assigned to them by you, the BuildIT user. When they open their free Contact Schedule online, your contacts can:

  • view their tasks /action items
  • change their views based on multiple filters
  • and add comments to individual tasks which you, in turn, are notified of.

Status of tasks is now color coded, so contacts can see at a glance which tasks require attention immediately.

Contact Schedules are a key benefit to BuildIT users who want to keep their contacts updated with ever changing schedules. No more relying on outdated printed schedules, marked up calendars, and Gantt charts pieced together on the walls. Send out Contact Schedules to all you key players today, and start leveraging the power of real time scheduling.

Each and every contact in your database has a free Contact Schedule! For example, 200 contacts in your contact database means 200 separate, distinct, and available Contact Schedules that you can use to drive your business forward to the next level of keeping folks informed, keeping customers happy, and keeping your schedules on track.

Rich Text “HTML” Email Creator

Many BuildIT users rely heavily on the power of BuildIT’s email system. Without a doubt, it makes sense to keep all communications on the job in one place, organized, and accessible by all key players on your team.

Now, this powerful communications system has been improved with a rich text editor. You have been requesting this for months, and it has finally arrived! You can select different fonts, sizes, colors, bold, underline - the list goes one. Many of the key functions you have used in other common email systems like MSN, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook, are now included with BuildIT. We’ve even made it easier to view your emails for those of you with larger monitors.

Additional Enhancements

We haven’t stopped there. BuildIT is a constant work in progress. Our Users (and other stakeholders) expect nothing less. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Spell checker (now deployed in many dialogs, including documents, and enhanced for emails).
  • DO IT control to create a schedule template from an existing job.
  • New “form view” for viewing, printing, faxing, and emailing document templates.
  • New controls allowing users to email or fax more than one document in one step.
  • Contact Schedule preferences, allowing you to change the layout your customers see.
  • Date header now displays on each page of a printed Gantt chart.
  • Continued speed enhancements to the BuildIT engine and some fine-tuning to really make things hum.
  • New Blog (you're reading it now) for research, power tips, and a dose of humor – for folks that are serious about getting the most from BuildIT.

We’re proud of the success of our customers who use BuildIT to manage their businesses. It’s your vote of confidence in the system, and your continued input that drives BuildIT forward. Stay profitable in 2008, and let us know where we can make a difference.

The BuildIT Team
1 866 585 5050 x1





BuildIT Software Update - version 4.1 new start page (Sept 2007)

Dear BuildIT User:

The system just got faster... and easier to use too!

There's a new "start page"...

  • that makes it easy for you to do the things you need to do, all from one screen
  • that gives access to the information you need in a single click
  • that displays video buttons (icons) to get you to the right video fast

Log into BuildIT and from the "dashboard" tab, click "start" in the top left under the "view:" menu.

You’ll notice there are 3 columns ~ Organize | Schedule | Communicate ~ just click on the icons and links below.

You can make the new "start page" the first page you see when you log in. In the lower left of the "dashboard" screen, click "my preferences..." select the "start" view, and save changes.

Take advantage of the new "start page" today!

The BuildIT Team
1 866 585 5050 x1





BuildIT Software Update - version 4.0 major file sharing announcement (May 2007)

Dear BuildIT User,

Announcing a powerful new way to store, organize, and share all your electronic files.

BuildIT Version 4.0 is here … it's available right now and there are no added costs for these great new features. Simply log in, and click your "files" tab to see what's new. With Version 4.0 you can:
  • drag and drop one or more files straight from your hard drive, and upload them in one easy step
  • rotate and resize image files for easier uploading from digital cameras and PDA's
  • create custom folders to organize files, faxes, emails, and even documents
  • see all your files, spreadsheets, photos, drawings, and more in one easy view
  • avoid the headaches that come with emailing attachments. Just email them a "sharing link" and they can download the file straight thru the web
  • see who downloaded a file, and when
  • know exactly what jobs, emails and faxes are using any file
  • search for all kinds of files - job files, email attachment files, fax attachment files, and more!

    Your files are continuously backed up to ensure they are protected … something you will especially appreciate when your computer crashes or goes missing.

    Use any computer connected to the Internet and you have access to all your files, anywhere, anytime. It's that easy … and it should be.

    Thank you for making us part of your success!

    Best regards,

    The BuildIT Team
    1 866 585 5050 x1