Why web based construction software beats regular software

Web-based construction software is more user-friendly than conventional software.

A lot of work is done behind the scenes - and that makes it easier for you and the people you work with to use it.

Access and manage your business information from:

  • home
  • office
  • site office
  • a customers home
  • while on the road (with a wireless air card)
  • at many coffee shops and restuarants (with a wireless connection)
  • while traveling (even on vacation)
  • an interent cafe on the other side of the planet

With BuildIT's web-based system computer headaches are a thing of the past. It's like having your own team of high tech professionals taking care of your construction software systems - for a fraction of the cost.

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Why most construction software systems come with headaches (and how to avoid the pain)

You're busy dealing with your own work load and stuff that really matters on your job sites. You're running a business, managing people, closing work, keeping the revenue churning, and the income leaks plugged. The last thing you need are more headaches.

But the fact is, with computers come headaches:

Are any of these things part of your job? Probably not, but someone in your company has to do it or you hire someone that will (and they don't come cheap).

The way things often play out in small companies, is that people who are unqualified and reluctant end up setting up, maintaining, and being responsible for the computers in their company. And that will come with a cost.

You can eliminate many headaches by looking at computers as "terminals" or "devices" - tools that can change so quickly like smartphones. Jump into a different device, a new computer... and log into an app (web based system) like BuildIT. Your computer breaks, gets stolen, or needs to be retired to the e-waste heap at the local recycling depot - no problem. Find another device/computer/tablet/laptop whatever... and you're back in business.

Imagine. Logging in from anything, anywhere... and all your files, job information, schedules, contacts and communications are there for you, backed up for your protection, and ready. One less thing !!

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With BuildIT, a lot of work is done behind the scenes so you don't have to worry...

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The three types of construction software (and the freaken gap)

Regular off-the-shelf accounting software is the most widely used software for contracting businesses. Bookkeepers, office managers, and spouses use it more than contractors themselves.

Estimating software is the next most used software. Usually just a simple construction estimating spreadsheet. Once set up, spreadsheets are easy to use, flexible, and generally work well (setting them up is another story).

Specialty design software is also commonly used by a variety of construction related businesses. Usually used by suppliers and people involved in the pre-job phase or early in the job itself.

Estimating/design and accounting occur at opposite ends of the Job (early in a job and late/after a job). However, a lot of information needs to be managed, organized, scheduled, and communicated along the way. This is the big gap - where there's a lot of room to improve communication, reduce mistakes, and increase efficiency.

Every Job depends on managing information, either in your head or using systems to do it. The difference between mildly profitable and wildly profitable comes down to how well information and work flow is managed.

BuildIT helps contracting businesses manage information and streamline work flow.

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