Help loading your documents into BuildIT

Send us any construction documents you use for transmittals, proposals, bidding, estimates, contracts, work orders, change orders, checklists, specifications, etc.

We'll program and load your documents into your account.

Then you'll have web based documents that:

  • can be created and filled in fast (a major time saver).
  • are saved with the right job every time (no more lost paperwork).
  • can easily be searched for any information within any document (no more looking for information).
  • can be faxed and emailed straight from the system (no printing, looking up/dialing fax numbers, or waiting for fax machines).

Depending on the number of documents you require, this may take several days. Either way, we'll load your documents promptly, so you can get down to business.

To make your documents web based - so they automatically fill in the right information in the right place, we have to do some programming.

There is a nominal charge for this service, depending on both the complexity and number or documents, but guaranteed, it won't break your bank. And the savings you generate by using BuildIT documents over the course of a year will more than cover this investment, and then some.

Here's how to send your documents:

  • If you have paper documents fax them to: 1 866 260 1519
  • If you have electronic document files: e-mail them to

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1

Your free "mini" website in BuildIT - help with getting it set up

Choices to enhance your online business profile

Mini-Website Creator

Don't have a website? Have an outdated website that just sits there?

Having a website is critical if you want to attract more customers, and give prospective customers the information they need to assess your business. A recent post in suggests you budget $5K - $10K for the construction of a website, and $100 - $400 a month for upgrades and maintenance. You can click here to read their article.

With BuildIT, you can get started on a web presence for much less - our Mini-Website is the perfect answer. It's an easy to use website creator that you, yes you, can easily upload photos, images, and descriptions of your jobs/business... in plain English (read: no HTML, programmer stuff, just fill in the blanks and follow a few instructions).

Think of it as an online portfolio to showcase the work you do.

  • No special skills needed.
  • Create your own Mini-Website in 30 minutes.
  • Make changes and update it anywhere, anytime.
  • Even use it as a portfolio to showcase your recent work and connect to it from your main website.

Or we can do it for you

Give us your company logo, address, pictures, some general descriptions, and any "must-haves".

We'll create a 4 page Mini-Website for you. And then you're free to update your site, whenever you wish (it's easy).

For more information or to sign up e-mail:

Promote the name of your business in your email communication (not AOL's, Comcast's, Hotmail's, or Yahoo's)

Here's how: We register a domain name for your company, and point it to your Mini-Website.

Plus we'll create a new email address for you - so all outbound email from your BuildIT account will be marked as coming from your new domain name.

We'll also program your domain name so your inbound email goes right into your account. Now all your email will have your company name on it can can be managed from within your account.

If you have more than one BuildIT user, we'll create new email addresses for them too, so all company email is organized and accessible via the web.

For more information or to sign up e-mail:

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1

Help loading your schedule templates into BuildIT

Punch lists, work lists, check lists, and work schedules are all different kinds of work/schedule templates.

If you want help developing your work/schedule templates contact us at:

As there are many different kinds of software and file formats, we can't give exact instructions to export your information.

However, if you already have work/schedule templates (punch lists, work lists, check lists, etc.) in electronic format then we can load them into your account for you.

If you have paper schedules fax them to: 1 866 260 1519   

If you have electronic templates email them to:

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (preferred), or
  • CSV (comma separated values) file, or
  • any other common file format

Then we'll load your work/schedule templates into your account, usually within a few hours of receiving them (during normal work hours Pacific Standard Time).

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1