On Life in Contracting

How killer business problems cost you money (and why it's an opportunity in disguise)

Problems cost contractors and construction businesses big time.

As much as 10% of revenue is vacuumed out of a contractor's pair of jeans because of:

  • mistakes
  • miscommunication
  • materials disappearing
  • lost productivity
  • the "domino" effect of problems

Even a small improvement in efficiency can have a BIG impact on profit.

If a contracting business increases its efficiency by 5% and it has a 10% net margin, then you can increase your profit by 50%.

If you cut mistakes in half, you could double your bottom line.

A few simple changes can add up to a significant increase in profits - and the true effect of improvements go through the roof when you add them up over several years.

There are also other benefits to a smoother running business; it's more fun and less stress.

Learn about the human cost of killer problems (and why it's an opportunity in disguise)...

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