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BuildIT Software Update - working days calculator / tech notes (Feb 2007)

Dear BuildIT User,

New features just added to the system:

1. Working Days Calculator

Need some help creating schedule templates? Help has arrived! Want to know how many "work days" exist between two dates (if you subtract weekends and holidays)? Or... what if you start a task next Wednesday that will takes 13 work days to complete, but there's a holiday and a couple weekends during that time? This handy new calculator will tell you which calendar date the task ends on, or how many work days are between any two dates. To access your new Working Days Calculator simply click "tasks", then click "do it" at the top right, then choose "Calculate Working Days" and up pops your calculator. Bonus: you can even print out a schedule that shows calendar days, work and non-work days. Use this handy printout to plan or schedule jobs, crews, or projects.

2. Technical Notes

Anyone who has been on the system for a while has seen new features and upgrades released … now you can check out the new "technical notes" if you want to know more. Click on the "msg ctr" button at the upper right of any screen, then in the left margin, click on "tech notes" and see in plain English what we've released, and what new features are coming.

Best regards,

The BuildIT Team
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