On Being More Productive

Systems make things work

The world is full of systems. The economy, governments, military, environment, and our bodies are all systems.

Big systems are made up of smaller systems - which are made of even smaller systems.

For example our bodies are made up of digestive systems, respiratory systems, circulatory systems, nervous systems (a business owners favorite), and many more. Each system is made up of cellular systems. For our bodies to work properly, so must all it's sub systems.

Our economic system is made up of businesses which are also made of systems - accounting systems, management information systems, estimating systems, inventory systems, customer management systems, project management systems, communication systems, etc. For businesses to function properly, so must all their systems.

The problem is, independent small and mid size businesses don't leverage the true power of systems. Owners and a few key people usually act as super glue that hold them together. If they stop, then so does the business - kaput - game over.

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