On Construction Software

The three types of construction software (and the freaken gap)

Regular off-the-shelf accounting software is the most widely used software for contracting businesses. Bookkeepers, office managers, and spouses use it more than contractors themselves.

Estimating software is the next most used software. Usually just a simple construction estimating spreadsheet. Once set up, spreadsheets are easy to use, flexible, and generally work well (setting them up is another story).

Specialty design software is also commonly used by a variety of construction related businesses. Usually used by suppliers and people involved in the pre-job phase or early in the job itself.

Estimating/design and accounting occur at opposite ends of the Job (early in a job and late/after a job). However, a lot of information needs to be managed, organized, scheduled, and communicated along the way. This is the big gap - where there's a lot of room to improve communication, reduce mistakes, and increase efficiency.

Every Job depends on managing information, either in your head or using systems to do it. The difference between mildly profitable and wildly profitable comes down to how well information and work flow is managed.

BuildIT helps contracting businesses manage information and streamline work flow.

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