On Computers in Construction

The mobile construction office: coming soon to your area

(Hey, this was first published back in 2007... we've come a long way baby!!)

In the not too distant future, it will be more common than not for contractors to access all Job information while on the road, in the vehicle, and at job sites. Truly mobile construction offices are just around the corner.

What will make mobile access a reality? Web based software and high-speed wireless Internet access.

BuildIT's web-based construction software system is ready to take advantage of high-speed wireless Internet access.

Sign up for a high-speed wireless connection (most likely from your cell phone provider) and you'll be fully mobile.

Low speed wireless is already here. It has met with limited success because coverage can be patchy and slow. However, speeds 4x that of low speed wireless are now available in select areas contact the wireless provider in your area for more information (most likely the same as your cell phone provider).

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