On Computers in Construction

The importance of backing up your information (and how to do it hassle free)

The reality is that most people including those in small/medium sized businesses fail to back up their computers. Either they don't back up at all, or they don't do it as often as they should.

Then something happens a hard drive crashes, a disgruntled employee deletes information, there's a flood, fire, theft, etc. - and the lives of the people who rely on the information become a total nightmare. Just ask anyone who has suffered the permanent loss of important business information.

Once information is lost, it may never be able to be recovered. The cost to get a business back on track is staggering, FAR higher than most people realize.

If important information is lost your business will be seriously disrupted for weeks, months, and possibly even years.

However, with a web based software system, you don't need to back up your information. Why? Because back ups are done for you - automatically. To learn more about the advantages of web based software, click here.

From the moment you make a change to your schedule, create document, modify an appointment or upload an important job file, your data is stored securely off-site, backed up, and protected. In fact, your information is far safer when it is stored off-site than on some lowly computer that could easily be stolen or damaged, or have a hard drive crash.

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