On Construction Software

Why most software doesn't fit contracting businesses (and what to look for when buying)

Most software is designed for businesses that:

  • sell goods and services from one or more fixed physical location(s)
  • operate on a transactional basis (one sale at a time, one after the other)
  • have the same staff working day in, day out

Construction is different; it is a "manufacturing industry" that is:

  • mobile
  • works on a job-by-job basis
  • works in multiple locations
  • works with different people on each job

So, it is critical that information is managed, organized, scheduled, and communicated in an entirely different way on a job-by-job basis, accessible from multiple locations by the people that need to see it.

Software systems designed for "regular" businesses are simply not well suited for construction businesses.

To understand the three most common types of construction software (and the very big gap), click here...

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