Convince me...

Probably our most coolest testimonial to date (honestly, we didn't even pay for it!!)

"This is our office management system, and helps us with scheduling, contact management and communications to our customers, vendors and subcontractors. Since coming on board with BuildIT, we have reduced our dependency on sticky notes and loose paper around the office, and are better able to track tasks and appointments. We really appreciate the ability to access job information, email, and our contact database from home, office or while on the road. We can also send text messages from the system to our subcontractors. These advantages are revolutionary for a small construction business like ours. The system also allows us to keep our subcontractors and vendors accountable - we can query the system for emails sent to a particular subcontractor and prove that we communicated to them on a particular matter if they claimed otherwise.

Our business is a million times better than it was last year since coming on board. Unlike other software companies we have spoken with, the team actually knows what they are talking about; they take time to understand our business, and when we have made suggestions for improvement, they have acted on those changes quickly. Our encouragement to others considering this system is that this is a tool, and it needs to be worked in order for you to realize the benefits. That means using it regularly, and taking the time to educate yourself on all that it has to offer.

I would just add that we have looked at much more expensive systems that have more bells and whistles. In fact I was concerned that the simplicity and cost effectiveness of this might mean that it was a substandard system. What I have found to be true is that a lot of the "bells and whistles" of other more expensive systems are not usable or affordable for a small to medium builder who does not have the resources to devote an entire employee or employees to data entry and manipulation."

Beverly Morrison, Owner
Steve Morrison Custom Homes

 Scott Hutchinson
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