BuildIT Advantage

Green / Carbon Neutral / Environmentally Friendly BuildIT (whatever)

OK, time for us to jump on this bandwagon.

Even my kids are taking about the environment, polar bears on the endangered species list, and the Toyota Prius.

So where does BuildIT factor into all this?

Consider that:

  1. We are web based - no software to install, therefore no diskettes or CD's, boxes, packaging, printed manuals (that nobody reads anyways), shipping to your door by UPS. That'll make Al Gore happy.
  2. Our product is "information" (code; ones and zeros) put together in a way that gives you what you need most, when you need it. So, there is no offgassing, harmful emissions, ozone or rainforest depletion caused by our progress (although we have been known to "burn the midnight oil" occasionally).
  3. Our prinicpals and contractors work together as a virtual team, so none of us clog up the arteries at rush hour - we put all our time and effort into making BuildIT better for you.
  4. BuildIT by virtue of being web based, allows our customers to access their accounts from virtually anywhere, saving them needless trips to the office, or contractor supply yard. They get done more in less time, and burn less fuel in their trucks.
  5. We have geothermal companies that use or have invested in BuildIT - geothermal is all the rage now... get the heat from the earth in the winter, take it out of your home in the summer. They're obviously on to something, and so are we.
  6. When our customers use the system to share information, like files and schedules, there is less reliance on the old fashioned paper chase, copying of blueprints, snail mail, etc. We may never become totally "paperless", but we sure can reduce in that area, and save a tree at the same time.

OK, it may be a stretch, but as a customer, you can attest to the above "green advantages" and feel good about your subscription to BuildIT, not to mention the outstanding return on investment you'll realize.

Just to see if you're reading this, prove to me that you own either an energy efficient heating system (geothermal, solar) or hybrid automobile and I'll give you your first month subscription free, an $85 value - just tell me you want the "BuildIT Green discount".

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1