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BuildIT: proud supporter of

Bowler Nemesis 500 HP Ethanol burning DAKAR winner

"One of the largest traveling carnivals in the world" is how some competitors describe the DAKAR Rally.

And in 2011, Mark Jennings-Bates and his team at Rally4Life plan on being the first Canadian 4WD entrant in this prestigious event – driving the Bowler Nemesis pictured here (we hope Mark will keep these wheels on the ground for the most part!)

To get there, they've assembled a talented team of volunteers who span across several geographic regions of the globe – codrivers, factory team technicians, publicity pros, events coordinators, marketing, sponsorship, legal, accounting, administrative and the list goes on.

And it's no surprise that these folks need many of the benefits that BuildIT users enjoy – virtual access to information and communications, from anywhere at any time. That, and the ability for each team member to be kept in the loop on events, to have access to marketing collateral, and for everyone to know Mark's whereabouts on his journey to the DAKAR.

"We listened to their plan, their dream, and caught a glimpse of their vision," says Scott Hutchinson, Sales Director of BuildIT Systems. "Not only does this event win the WOW factor for motor sports enthusiasts, but Rally4Life can use the exposure to raise awareness and much needed funds for the charities they support." When asked where BuildIT could assist, it only seemed natural to offer BuildIT to get the team together... virtually.

And this is far more than a cool motorsport activity watched by millions around the world.

Mark and Jackie Jennings-Bates have made it their goal to raise upwards of $4 million for 2 worthy charities along the way, and bring to the forefront the desperate circumstances endured by millions of children and adults in countries such as Nicaragua, Sudan and Ecuador. As they build momentum, through events, social networking, and good old fashioned "word-of-mouth," they will be asking upwards of 200,000 supporters to take $20 out of their coffee budget and participate in the R4L goal.

Around 20 volunteers have been given access to BuildIT. Branded email, access to videos, press releases, sponsorship packages, shared calendar for upcoming events – these are just a few of the ways that BuildIT will keep the team together — on the same page — as they journey towards 2011.

For more information on Rally4Life, and how you can get involved, check them out here:

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1