The different kinds of construction software (and what to consider when buying)

There are software package specifically designed for one, some or all of the following:

  • projects
  • time sheets
  • customer relationships, CRM
  • scheduling
  • warranties
  • design and drafting, BIM
  • task management
  • websites, blogs
  • file sharing
  • contact management
  • sales tracking, lead generation
  • accounting
  • document creation, management
  • equipment tracking
  • email
  • fax
  • estimating
  • financing
  • property maintenance
  • and the list goes on...

It's overwhelming and difficult to compare. Contracting businesses typically use 3 types of software or struggle with software made for conventional businesses, not construction firms.

Who wants to research, buy, setup, learn, and use a dozen or more pieces of software? Then figure out how to get software systems to talk to each other? It's time consuming and difficult.

Most software programs work independently of one another. While there are a lot of very good reasons for software systems to share information, the reality is, it's often next to impossible to get them to do it.

It's no wonder so many contracting businesses have steered clear of software.

Unfortunately, a lot of the same information needs to be entered over and over just to make different software programs work.

Redundancy, slows you down, wastes time, and sucks at your profitability like a shop-vac on steroids. If only one piece of job information changes (and how often does that happen?), then the change must be updated on every piece of paper and within every software system that relies on it. If this is not done immediately and religiously, then people end up working off the wrong information one of the biggest underlying causes of mistakes and lost profit in construction.

However, none of these are problems with BuildIT because it is one software system that manages, organizes, schedules, and communicates a wide variety of information.

On top of that it takes a lot of work to keep computers running and connected (networked) to each other.

The fact is, people and businesses don't back up their information as often as they should (if at all). Then something happens, a computer gets stolen or a hard drive crashes, and things get real difficult (ask anyone who has experienced it).

It takes a lot of effort to recover from a computer crash - business won't wait - work still needs to be done - but now there's a ton of extra hassle to keep everything going - and the burden to recover from a computer crash usually falls 100% on the user.

However, you used a web based system you wouldn't miss a beat, just go to any computer, access the internet, and you're up and running.

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How much efficiency can be gained using construction software systems?

Even a small improvement in efficiency can have a big impact on the bottom line.

If your business increases efficiency by 5% and has a 10% net margin, then you increase your bottom line by 50%.

So, how much efficiency can be gained using construction software systems? That's like asking "How much efficiency can be gained using a cordless drill, an air-nailer, or a cell phone?" It's tough to quantify, but you know the tools make you more productive.

You can only benefit from tools if you use them. The same goes for software and systems. After a period of time, you learn to use them well - but it takes time. Then you become a "power user" and you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Technology makes a big difference. Just put a modern contracting business up against a company of 15 years ago. The company with cordless tools, air tools, laser tools, mobile phones, and fax machines would win. Web based construction software systems are the next 'power tools'.

So how much you gain is up to you - over time your gain momentum.

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Customizing BuildIT to suit your company's specific needs

Want the system to do something unique for your business? Have a special need?

We can do it... at a great price.

Our construction software already does a lot of things. It's powerful, proven, and it can be used as a foundation from which to build powerful new custom features specifically for your business.

Why customizing BuildIT Software makes sense

Case Study:

A $5+ million per year sub contractor wanted to get more organized and grow their business.

They knew systems and computer software were the answer to manageable growth. They did a lot of looking but couldn't find construction software to do what they wanted... because it didn't exist.

They met several software development companies to find out what it would cost to develop a system to meet his requirements. Prices started from... are you ready?... $300,000 and higher. Plus it would take 18 months to deliver the first version of the software.

They contacted us. By using our construction software system as the foundation and developing custom features, this company got more features, built on a proven system, delivered in 4 months, for under $30,000.

As the foundation was solid and stable there were no major problems or software bugs to deal with.

Plus their new system was web based so there was no need to install or maintain an expensive computer network.

The Bottom Line:

A better construction software system for 1/4 the cost, delivered in 1/4 time... and they were able to aggressively grow their business, one year sooner... meaning, hundreds of thousands more to the bottom line.

For more information about customizing, contact  

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