Ready to Experience the Difference?

If you're reading this, you're likely in the hunt for some type of construction software.

And there's lots out there!

You've probably found a number of websites like Software Advice, Capterra, G2 Crowd that provide a myriad of software solutions for you to consider. And if you Google search "construction software" or its many variants ("construction project management", "home builder software", "construction scheduling software" and so on), you'll find literally 1000's of hits.

You could spend the next year researching options, and not make a move. Meanwhile, your competitors are pulling trigger on something, and making gains in their operational efficiencies. The pressure's on.

To make things more challenging for you, all these construction software companies are jimmying for position, trying to be at the top of the list, like race cars on a track. And in marketing their products, they'll make claims designed to get you to choose them above the rest.

Here are some claims that I found doing a quick search of several construction software companies:

  • #1 Highest Rated Custom Builder and Remodeler Software
  • Best in Class Construction Project Management
  • The #1 Software for home builders and remodelers
  • Are you using the industry standard?
  • The most widely user construction software in the cloud
  • The world's number one most widely used construction management software

These companies are all making overlapping claims. They can't all be right.

But they all share this in common: all of these companies DO NOT offer a free test drive of their system. What they do offer is professional salespeople, often commissioned, with monthly quotas, who pull out all the stops to get you to buy.

We all have friends who went to Mexico on a vacation... and came back "owning" a time share. And when you questioned them on their purchase, they went to great lengths to justify the expenditure. The fact is, that industry is a well oiled machine, and these time share companies are experts at getting people to pay more for something they hadn't given much if any thought to prior to boarding the plane.

That's how the big construction software companies are structured now. If these companies have dozens (or in some cases 100's) of staff, many of whom are headset wearing, cubicle occupying hungry sales people that have to produce or die, well, buckle up... you are in for a wild ride. And it will cost you royally.

Ready to experience the difference?

1. Free test drive. No obligation. No credit card required.

Imagine, not being hounded by a salesperson. Launch a free test drive of BuildIT when it suits you. Learn at your own pace, with helpful videos that guide you through the basics. And eventually, you get to speak to one of the owners. That's right - business owner to business owner. Concierge service. Without sitting in the time share sales room, getting hammered.

2. No need for "Home Builder Boot Camp" or "ABC Software University".

Ouch. If you need to fly somewhere and sit in a class for a couple days, or take part in several "webinars" to learn a software system, it's likely more complex than it needs to be. Or it may be that your operations require complex, comprehensive "end-to-end" solutions, in which case, why are you even here reading this!? (Operators at Software Advice, Capterra, G2 Crowd are standing by!)

3. Simple scheduling and notification system, for a fraction of the price of the Big Guys.

If construction scheduling is all you need, why pay more for features you won't use?

Perhaps you rolled the dice on "the best", "industry standard", "what everybody was bragging about at the previous International Builder's Show" software package. And now the results are in. The hefty monthly billing is adding up to a small fortune. And your experience doesn't match with those glorious customer testimonials on their website.

With complex "Byzantine" project management systems, you'll only use a small percentage of what's available... but you're paying 100% of the price!

So if you're looking primarily for scheduling, and a platform to keep everybody on the same page, then choose BuildIT, and stop the monthly hemorrhaging.

We are welcoming a number of customers who have tried, and quit using the software systems mentioned above. Find out what they have discovered in BuildIT.

Start a Free Test Drive now and experience the difference for yourself.

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Contact Schedules - BuildIT's secret weapon

Contact Schedules are a free and powerful service you can offer to anyone in your contact database:

  • Clients
  • Subtrades
  • Vendors
  • Contractors
  • Design Professionals
  • Employees

Contact Schedules are web links that are sent to your contacts via an email. When they click on their Contact Schedule link, they see a real time view into your master schedule, however they only see those tasks assigned to them by you. This allows you, the BuildIT user, to control who gets to see what, and what changes, if any, you allow them to make.

When they open their free Contact Schedule online, your contacts can:

  • view their tasks /action items
  • change their views based on multiple filters and selections
  • add comments to individual tasks which you, in turn, are notified of
  • upload related job files

The status of each task is color coded, so contacts can see at a glance which tasks require attention immediately.

Contact Schedules are a key benefit to BuildIT users who want to keep their contacts updated with ever changing schedules. No more relying on outdated printed schedules, marked up calendars, and Gantt charts pieced together on a cork board. Send out Contact Schedules to all you key players today, and start leveraging the power of real time scheduling.

Each and every contact in your database has a free Contact Schedule! For example, 200 contacts in your contact database means 200 separate, distinct, and available Contact Schedules that you can use to drive your business forward to the next level of keeping folks informed, keeping customers happy, and keeping your schedules on track.

Plus, if you turn on your Task Notification System in BuildIT, your contacts will receive email notifications automatically advising them of changes to the schedule, or upcoming tasks they are responsible for. Each notification email will have their "Contact Schedule" link available, making it easy for them to recheck their schedule from their phone, tablet or laptop... wherever they are.

Get the benefits of working with Contact Schedules today.

 Scott Hutchinson
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Productivity - and why it should matter to your construction business

Get more done, in less time, at lower cost, with higher margins. More profit, less stress. Easy to say, hard to do, especially if you're in the construction industry.

Recently, ConstructionDIVE published an article on why the construction industry struggles with productivity gains vis a vis other "rival" industries. The content is good, worth your time, worth taking notes (their stock photo on the other hand doesn't cut it - 3 guys, 2 wearing ties, 3 different coloured hard hats - never ever happens).

For 15 years, we've been helping contractors and specialty trades benefit from BuildIT... one of the pioneer web based efficiency tools created specifically for the construction industry. Efficiency and productivity are huge parts of our business ethos, and guide much of our development. 

In my previous company, I worked with residential and commercial contractors teaching them how to use proprietary building products that beat conventional products hands down. We created custom design software solutions that helped architects, engineers and suppliers (contract lumber yards, truss manufacturers, and panelizers) size and specify products way faster than doing it "the old fashioned way" with tables, charts, and legal pads.

So when you investigate BuildIT for the first time, you'll see a "systems approach" to managing jobs, contacts, scheduled tasks, files and communications. Add to that mix the magic of collaboration - everyone (you, staff/employees, trades, investors, clients, design professionals, building officials, vendors) working together, on the same page, to produce something of value.

The aforementioned article boldly claims that "collaboration is the key to productivity"... and we couldn't agree more. They hint at the "old guard" who do not have a collaboration background, but rather are individualistic and view constant collaboration as a negative. No software solution can fix that... but over time, as new hires come on board who are open to embracing new technologies and methodologies, they will totally embrace tools like BuildIT in order to make the magic happen on their job sites.

BuildIT allows all stakeholders on the job (wherever they are) to have access to computing power, real time scheduling, and instant notification. Our notification system lets your people know what changed, and what's coming up - you control who gets notified, when, and under what circumstances. It's all done for you, automatically - allowing you to focus on higher priorities that generate greater returns for your time (read: more profit).

I spoke with a customer yesterday that had to fire two employees. Employee turnover is disruptive and costly. Unlike a warm body, the BuildIT web based scheduling system is a fraction of the cost of an employee, it never calls in sick, is available 24/7, and actually comes with a real human being on standby should you need that support to crank out a schedule, or solve a problem. It's a remarkably good deal.

Take a bold step towards greater profitability in your business - it all starts with a free test drive.

 Scott Hutchinson
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