Fun with Artificial Intelligence (and what ChatGPT "thinks" about Construction Scheduling Software)

A colleague today created and shared what I thought was a clever piece of poetry, only to find out later it was generated through an open source AI program. He came clean... but he had me fooled, it was remarkably well written !!

The open source AI program is called ChatGPT:

So I thought I would give it a go. Upon signing up, I asked ChatGPT a simple question:

Can you explain construction scheduling?

It thought for a few seconds, did it's AI thing, and I watched as the sentences were generated, one word/phrase/sentence at a time.

And here is what ChatGPT came up with:

Construction scheduling is the process of creating a timeline for a construction project. It involves identifying the tasks that need to be completed, determining the order in which they should be done, and allocating resources (such as labor and materials) to each task. The schedule is used to coordinate the work of different trades and contractors, and to track the progress of the project. It is an important tool for ensuring that a project is completed on time and within budget.

Not bad. 

So I thought I would ask a follow up question:

What is the best construction scheduling software available?

And ChatGPT responded:

There are many construction scheduling software options available, and the best one for a specific project or company will depend on their specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, the best construction scheduling software will depend on your specific needs and what you are looking for. It is a good idea to research different options and try out free trial versions to see which one works best for you.

Nice. We agree wholeheartedly !!

While it did give a bullet list of some popular heavy hitters like Primavera P6 and MS Project, it didn't provide simple construction scheduling software apps that meet the needs of small to mid size builders and trades. Perhaps it needs more time to sift through the Internet and "learn" what many of our customers have discovered...


Many scheduling tools are only a small fraction of an entire project management offering. You are forced to buy the whole package, pay 100% of the hefty monthly/annual rates, yet you end up using only 5% of the features. And in many teams, there are those who won't bother to sift through the nonsense and "features" they'll never use in order to find what they need to do their jobs. It's an expensive experiment that often never gets off the ground.

So we would agree with ChatGPT...

  1. The best software depends on your specific needs.
  2. Research different options (features, pricing, simplicity).
  3. Try out trial versions (BuildIT's free trial is at
  4. See which one works best for you.

As we've said before: The "best" software is the one that works for your team!

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