Cancelling your Buildertrend account... yeah, breaking up is hard to do !

We speak to a lot of builders. Most are not using any construction-specific software. Those who do have likely heard of Buildertrend... if you are searching online, you will come across this company.

Today we had a conversation with a builder who is currently a Buildertrend customer. And without any offense or insult directed to the software, they are just not using it. This isn't the first time we've spoken with a prospective customer who is paying monthly for Buildertrend, and has found that the system is not working for them. Again, no mud-slinging here, it's just not a fit.

As we've said in the past, the best construction software system is the one that works for you.

Many who sign up for Buildertrend soon recognize they are paying a small fortune each month for features they will never use. So if you're not logging in and using it, well, it's time to part ways and find something more suitable for your business needs.

It's really not that difficult to cancel your Buildertrend account. The company gives you simple instructions on their website:

"If you are interested in cancelling your account, you will need to formally request to cancel via email or phone call and our team will process the cancellation for you."

Here are some tips that will save you $$ and potential headaches down the road:

1. Buildertrend owns the software, you own your data. Ensure you export everything that's yours. Better that you do it on your "time" today than they do it on your "dime" tomorrow.

2. Once you've exported your data, cancel your subscription... today. If you put this off, you will end up paying yet again for another month that you won't be using the service.

3. Manage the transition. Alert your trades and clients to the changes that will affect them, if any. 

4. You'll still need to keep track of jobs, communications, build schedules, collaborate with trades, keep clients in the loop, and manage schedule changes - consider what it is you will transition to. Lots of options out there, of which BuildIT is a contender.

If what you need is primarily a scheduling and trade tracking tool, try BuildIT

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