"Best Construction Scheduling Software" - Really?

You're searching for software, "construction scheduling software" to be more exact, and you come up with oodles of search results. Some of these results get your attention, like "Best Construction Scheduling Software for 20XX" or something similar. You click on these links, and hope they lead you to the perfect fit solution quickly. Why not, I mean, "they" say it's the best... whoever "they" are. Amazing to think of the credibility "they" have.

Who are "they" - it's worth asking.

A good friend of mine, and sales guru, shared this thought with with me years ago that stuck.

    It isn't true unless it's true for you.

While this is debatable if taken out of context or taken to an extreme, let's for now apply it to the "truth claim" of some random website I found searching on construction scheduling software.

Here's their claim:

The Best Construction Scheduling Software for 2022

And they list several companies you ought to consider.

So, here's what you need to know:

1. The author of this article is a professional writer with a real estate background.

2. The "experts" of this website have backgrounds in tax, business law, and business insurance.

3. There is a financial kickback to the owners of this website if you click on certain links - they are clear on their website that "...We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links".

So... the author or principals of the website don't have a construction scheduling background, presumably have never been in your shoes, never scheduled out teams, or coordinated with trades on a construction project. But they are making recommendations to you. There are mountains of articles, press releases, websites, all making such claims, many written with the express intent of garnering "clicks". Very little useful content when you really dig in.

Let's look at the software they recommend... and our comments on each

AutoDesk Construction Cloud - not even in the ball park of construction scheduling for 98% of construction businesses on the planet. Purely enterprise level, which means if you're reading this, you most likely wouldn't even give this platform a thought. Never in 20 years has AutoDesk 'anything" been compared to BuildIT. A quick glance at their site and you are confronted with BIM (building information modeling). Way beyond simple construction scheduling !!

Buildertrend - being that this system is everywhere now, advertised ad nauseam on every imaginable online marketplace and Google ad that remotely relates to construction, it's no surprise that this one makes the list. For sure it's good mid-level project management software, but overkill for the majority of SME builders and trades just looking for a simple scheduling and collaboration tool. We've written about the differences between BuildIT and Buildertrend here.

Fieldwire - again, more of an enterprise level system focused on project managers, superintendents and trades. In 20 years, we may have come up against Fieldwire a couple times, as this system is better suited to much larger construction firms, not the vast majority of companies that have fewer than a dozen employees and do less than a few $ million in annual revenue.

CoConstruct - essentially a mirror image of Buildertrend, so much so that Buildertrend acquired CoConstruct in early 2021. The comparison to BuildIT would be similar. Both systems require extensive training for teams to get lift off, and that training comes at a cost of time and $$ that smaller construction outfits are unwilling or unable to commit to.

Procore -  some of the largest construction firms on the planet use Procore. This is an enterprise project management suite, and in terms of scheduling, Procore requires that you bring to it your own preferred scheduling software. In fact, they state that you can't update schedules in Procore - you can only edit schedules within the third party schedule software you have chosen (such as Microsoft Project). So in essence, Procore is not really a construction scheduling system at all !! Surprisingly, we often get compared to Procore, but like Buildertrend, that is due in part to the fact that both software systems are so prevalent online that anyone searching for construction software will get exposed to both.

Foundation Software - these guys have been around for a looong time, and their focus is on construction accounting for enterprise level firms. In 20 years, we have never come up against them on any front, and their scheduling system is just not a contender with our market.

So there you have it. Our take on the "their" top 6 list.

But don't take our word for it. Try them out (if they'll even let you on a free trial basis - some require you to jump through a few hoops with some sales pitches and 1:1 demos before they'll let you in) and see if "it's true for you" that one of them is "the best".

Here's our truth claim: our many customers (some have been with us for over a decade) who use BuildIT regularly would tell you that BuildIT is the best construction scheduling system on the planet. Who are we to argue? It's true for them. And it could be true for you as well... if you're willing to try us out and discover the benefits and wins for your company.

Remember, the "best" construction scheduling software is the one that works for your team. Period.

Here to help - give me a shout and we'll talk construction scheduling among other things !!

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