Good morning Buildertrend

BuildIT got its start a couple decades ago.

2000 was the year, post boom.

It was still the wild west of technology, especially for construction tech. Back then, the "smartphone" wasn't a thing, dial up internet was standard fare, and contractors in general were leery of any sort of construction software, or dealing with digital/PDF design drawing (remember getting high on ammonia when you were waiting for your blueprint copies!?). 

We hit our growth curve big time in 2005/2006.

We boasted the #1 position for "construction scheduling software" in all the major search engines at the time, and held that lead for several years and into the next decade.

A couple major events happened in 2006:

1. One of our competitors (Constructware) got acquired by Autodesk for US $46M. That got our attention.

2. Buildertrend construction software was founded.

Today, if you are searching for any sort of construction software, you will find Buildertrend. They are the bright shiny object online, the juggernaut of construction tech. We tip our hat to this company, they have built a massive company, and recently just hired their 500th employee

But bigger isn't necessarily better.

This is not about mud slinging or trashing the competition, in fact, I have recommended Buildertrend to numerous homebuilders over the years who are looking for more of what their software offers! This is about answering the question I get asked most often:

How do you compare to Buildertrend - what are the differences?

Glad you asked.

1. We're older. And some things that are older are better (whiskey, cheddar cheese, cast iron skillets)

2. We're smaller. Many 100's of employees smaller. Therefore we don't break a sweat at payroll.

3. We focus on scheduling, file management and communications. We don't get involved in "the numbers" - our customers tend to have that part of their operations taken care of.

4. We're less $$, far less in fact. If all you need is scheduling, that's all you should be paying for, not 100's of other features that you'll never use.

5. We don't have a bus. It would be nice to have a bus, but we don't. We could buy one, but we'd rather invest in our technology and infrastructure. Nice bus though...


6. When you call BuildIT, you'll be speaking to one of the owners. And you'll be speaking to someone with decades of experience in the construction industry.

7. You can reach BuildIT on weekends and holidays.

8. Me. I know, but I'm one of BuildIT's secret weapons. Call me and you'll see.

Buildertrend's success has, to some extent, fueled our success, and the success of many other construction software companies. They will do well and will continue to educate the market. And we will continue to find those contractors who tried it, and discovered it wasn't the best fit for their companies. And when we welcome a past customer who left, tried Buildertrend, and returned to BuildIT, we will likely get Buildertrend's attention, as we did today:

Good morning Buildertrend - to your success, and ours!
Happy new year.
The race is on.
Gentlemen, start your engines.

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1