Convince me...

How much is too much !?

You've check us out, you've checked our competitors out. 

You've short listed a bunch of applications, some web based, some old school desktop software. You may have even narrowed it down to BuildIT vs [fill in the blank].

Now the big question: How much does BuildIT cost... what's the price?

Answer 1: too much if (a) it's the wrong package for you, or (b) it's the right package, but you're not ready for it.

Answer 2: too little if you're Tom, Dick or Harry. Keep reading...

Tom (not his real name of course) uses BuildIT for a year, then decides to move on to sofware X. They spend $7,500 for 2 licenses. Now they find their new software isn't living up to the claims on software X's website. Tom says it's "buggy", some data even goes missing. I could hear his pain. And to add insult to injury, Tom's web browser seems to be stuck on bringing up BuildIT's login page. With a smile, I suggest to Tom that this could be a sign. We'd love to have Tom and his team back again.

Dick (you guessed it, not his real name) test drove BuildIT the other day, but decided to go with software Z. Rats -- I thought we had him. Software Z had a cool pricing structure. I asked Dick if he was aware that software Z charges per active project per month... he said yes. The per project per month rate was about $500 at the time. I asked Dick how many active projects per month he was doing. 20. You do the math. Ouch!

Harry (again, not his real name) calls me up. He's being hounded by one of the big guys, software Y. I admire software Y, and software Y's salesman. They're trying hard to push this deal through. But Harry is only doing a few projects this year, and software Y would be overkill big time, and with a price tag of $5,000 to get started, and monthly fees of $200, well that's about $7,400 for the year. Harry bought BuildIT instead for $795... and he's getting everything he needed in a scheduling system at a fraction of the cost.

So how much is BuildIT? Well, if you don't get success with the system, then you paid too much at any price. But given what's out there, it's worth a shot at $795 (1 user account, 1 year term discounted, or if cash flow is a concern, go with the $85 monthly subscription). You risk a few $$ and your biggest investment will be time... and we can help accelerate your learning curve so you waste precious little of that.

We play in the sandbox with some great software developers who are putting out some great apps. But for a tenth or less the cost of some of them, you can get the features you need in BuildIT to help you organize your business, schedule your work, share information with the folks that need it, and communicate more effectively.

Try BuildIT first. Take advantage of our 30 day full money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, or if you really need more bells and whistles, well, software X, Y and Z are standing by !!

 Scott Hutchinson
 1 866 585 5050 ext 1