Convince me...

Anyone can say anything (especially in construction)

I was in a car accident last summer. Got rear-ended big time. I heard the guy behind me lock up his tires, then bang.

Here's a photo - so much for that "new car smell" ! 

Six months later, the insurance company gives me a call.

"For your pain and suffering, we're prepared to offer $X - this is the high end of what we typically offer for soft tissue damage".

My lawyer laughed. He said "add $100,000 to that, and you'd be at the high end".

For a minute there, I smiled, and my opinion of lawyers suddenly changed for the better Laughing 

Then he said, "it's a game, they'll tell you what they want, so you'll settle, and not call a lawyer. Kind of like a used car salesman. They'll tell you pretty much anything to sell the car - buyer beware."

Then I thought about the stuff we read on websites (construction software websites, besides ours of course !) and take as the gospel truth. Sometimes it's downright amusing. Many times it's a lesson in what NOT to do. Sometimes it gets under my skin. Because I know you're reading it too, and some of you may be taking it as the truth.

Here's a quote I read recently:

"Most people who TRY software X, BUY software X". That came right from their CEO.

Seriously, do you believe that? Is that true of any product anywhere in the world? Let me know if you find something where this is true - I want to speak to their marketing department !

A wise mentor once told me that "the truth is good enough".

So here's the truth with respect to BuildIT: "most people who try BuildIT, DON'T buy BuildIT".

We're so high up the search engine rankings, and our website is referenced in a gazillion directories online, that we get people launching free test drives daily, from around the world. Our competitors even take us out for a test drive - they don't even hide the fact. They're certainly not going to buy BuildIT !

Sales 101 - the sales funnel. 

As in any business, you have leads.

A percentage of those leads, the majority, are "just looking", kicking the tires as it were, doing research, getting an idea of what's out there, shortlisting possible solutions for the boss.

Then there is that smaller percentage of leads that are serious, in desparate need of a solution, and we are the best match. They buy (immediately, or eventually with further research), and they benefit.

Like I say, it's like OJ Simpson's glove - it's just gotta fit.

But to get to that point, you've got to put your solution out there, and have folks test drive it.

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