Kickass New Features

BuildIT Software Update - version 4.5 more user preferences (Sept 2008)

Job Picker Enhancement

The yellow job picklist in the top left of the screen shows your most recent job list for quick access. There is also a «more jobs...» link that brings up a "job picker".

We've added the ability to bring up a single job, or list of jobs, based on key dates that are attributed to a job (such as create date, projected start date, actual start date, projected completion date, actual completion date). 

So, if you have dozens of jobs, and your looking to find a particular job, or jobs, done in the past, you can search based on key dates. 



New User Preferences

When you log in to your BuildIT account, you are greeted to the same application used by all our customers.

But not all customers are created equal. Each has different needs, priorities, and, well, "preferences".  

So we make it easy for you to "configure" BuildIT to suit your business, your tastes, and to speed up your user experience, so you spend less time in BuildIT, and more time building your business.

Configuration - changing your "user preferences" on each and every screen. Some preferences are for individual user accounts, while others are company wide.  

1. Working days default - not everyone works Monday thru Friday. Not surprisingly, in busy times, we see customers scheduling 6 days per week, or even 7 for those doing maintenance work, where working on the weekends in a must. In setup>company preferences, you can set the working days default for your company. The system will still span over statutory holidays.   

2. Dashboard sort order of jobs - for those of you that have many jobs, and you want to see the tasks on those jobs AND display the jobs in a particular order, that option is now available. In your dashboard preferences, you can select the date in which you want jobs to be sorted (create date, projected start date, actual start date, etc.). This view is available by:

  • clicking on your "dashboard" tab
  • ensuring your "view:" in the top left is "today" or greater
  • selecting ALL JOBS in your yellow job picklist in the top left

BuildIT continues to evolve. This is your BuildIT. This is your system - your input helps drive development. Looking forward to hearing from you.

The BuildIT Team
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