Contact Schedules - BuildIT's secret weapon

Contact Schedules are a free and powerful service you can offer to anyone in your contact database:


  • Clients
  • Subtrades
  • Vendors
  • Contractors
  • Design Professionals
  • Employees


Contact Schedules are web links that are sent to your contacts via an email. When they click on their Contact Schedule link, they see a real time view into your master schedule, however they only see those tasks assigned to them by you. This allows you, the BuildIT user, to control who gets to see what, and what changes, if any, you allow them to make.

When they open their free Contact Schedule online, your contacts can:

  • view their tasks /action items
  • change their views based on multiple filters and selections
  • add comments to individual tasks which you, in turn, are notified of
  • upload related job files

The status of each task is color coded, so contacts can see at a glance which tasks require attention immediately.

Contact Schedules are a key benefit to BuildIT users who want to keep their contacts updated with ever changing schedules. No more relying on outdated printed schedules, marked up calendars, and Gantt charts pieced together on a cork board. Send out Contact Schedules to all you key players today, and start leveraging the power of real time scheduling.

Each and every contact in your database has a free Contact Schedule! For example, 200 contacts in your contact database means 200 separate, distinct, and available Contact Schedules that you can use to drive your business forward to the next level of keeping folks informed, keeping customers happy, and keeping your schedules on track.

Plus, if you turn on your Task Notification System in BuildIT, your contacts will receive email notifications automatically advising them of changes to the schedule, or upcoming tasks they are responsible for. Each notification email will have their "Contact Schedule" link available, making it easy for them to recheck their schedule from their phone, tablet or laptop... wherever they are.

Get the benefits of working with Contact Schedules today.

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