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BuildIT Software Update - version 4.0 major file sharing announcement (May 2007)

Dear BuildIT User,

Announcing a powerful new way to store, organize, and share all your electronic files.

BuildIT Version 4.0 is here … it's available right now and there are no added costs for these great new features. Simply log in, and click your "files" tab to see what's new. With Version 4.0 you can:
  • drag and drop one or more files straight from your hard drive, and upload them in one easy step
  • rotate and resize image files for easier uploading from digital cameras and PDA's
  • create custom folders to organize files, faxes, emails, and even documents
  • see all your files, spreadsheets, photos, drawings, and more in one easy view
  • avoid the headaches that come with emailing attachments. Just email them a "sharing link" and they can download the file straight thru the web
  • see who downloaded a file, and when
  • know exactly what jobs, emails and faxes are using any file
  • search for all kinds of files - job files, email attachment files, fax attachment files, and more!

    Your files are continuously backed up to ensure they are protected … something you will especially appreciate when your computer crashes or goes missing.

    Use any computer connected to the Internet and you have access to all your files, anywhere, anytime. It's that easy … and it should be.

    Thank you for making us part of your success!

    Best regards,

    The BuildIT Team
    1 866 585 5050 x1