Sordid Tales From The Front Lines

What does this button do?

I thought it would be a good idea to hire a professional. I could have done it myself, but since a company I consult for was awarded a contract by the local public library, I thought I could share the wealth, and perhaps learn a thing or two from a real contractor.

The objective: bolt down a park bench to a concrete pad. That meant drilling 4 holes into the concrete, installing concrete anchors, then bolting down the bench leg ends. Easy... you would think.

So I hired Jim (name not changed - there’s no way I’m protecting the innocent on this one!). Good guy, friend, hard worker, and besides, installing a bench is a lot easier with 2 people. I also used his truck, and his gas.

“Jim, have you ever drilled through concrete before?” I asked. I may as well have asked Jim if he had ever used a screw driver, or plumbed a wall. After insulting his intelligence, I told him he was hired. I also said I would take care of renting the hammer drill from the local tool rental shop in town. You need a hammer drill to drill into concrete.

Halfway to the library, I asked Jim if he had an extension cord - these hammer drills run on electricity you know.


“Jim, this is your truck, and you are a contractor. I would think you’d have a few cords hiding under the bench seat at the back”. So we double backed home and I grabbed one of mine. Not off to a rock solid start.

We finally get to the library, and I tell Jim that I’ll mark the holes, but he is the guy with the pipes, so he can use the hammer drill. We’re only drilling down an inch, 4 holes, no big deal.

The first hole took a while.

The 2nd hole took even longer - something was amiss. I’m thinking the guy who gave me the drill bit is going to get an earful - the thing must be dull.

On the third hole, I noticed Jim putting all his weight on top of the drill... and he was beginning to sweat a bit. Being a contractor is quite the workout!

Suddenly a light bulb went on. Jim stopped. Looked at the drill. And noticed a button. Pretty sure the button had a picture of a hammer on it.

We had a good laugh… the 4th hole went in like a knife through butter.

Jim got a good ribbing, and he knows I’ll never forget!!

Just the other day he texted me this photo:

With the caption: Any idea what the little hammer symbol on this tool means?

It takes a big man to laugh at himself.

Got a construction fail story that beats this and can garner up some laughs? Send it to us, and we’ll throw it up on the wall!

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