On Computers in Construction

Connecting computers is difficult, expensive, and essential (how to get your computers networked for free)

The ability to put systems in place to communicate and share information is exactly what helps companies grow. The inability to put systems in place causes aggravation and chokes the true growth rate of any business.

The need to share information means computers have to be connected to each other (networked). Networking is complicated and expensive.

As simple as it may seem, getting computers to talk to one another properly is no easy task. It requires computer networking skills and ongoing maintenance to keep everything running. It may even require specialized computer hardware.

It gets more complicated if computers are in different locations (outside an office). Connecting them together and backing up information (data) is a whole new ball game.

Large companies have whole departments that do nothing but keep computer networks running - they get paid a serious amount of money. The cost to keep a computer network up and running can range from $1,000 to $5,000 and more per computer per year.

The internet is the worlds largest computer network. It is also the least expensive to join and the easiest to plug into. That means web based construction software systems have a natural advantage.

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